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Studio Demo 2012

This video is a short 2:40 demo showing a nice cross section of what we can do together with a combined synergy of drive, talent and a very reasonable budget!


Here is Miss Tampa 2012 talking about her experience with Personal Training at Body By Design. BodyByDesignPT.com has held the 1st or 2nd place Google ranking for over 5 years without "key word buying scheme", but through organic content based optimiztion. All due to the talents of Tampa Bay's Progressive Media's Internet Search Engine Optimization TEAM

Progressive Media Industrial Demo

This short features some of the many national broadcast production finish on time and in budget. Loews, HSN (Home Shopping Network) Blackjack Roofing material. In fact tke your smart phone to any Loews in the country to the roofing aisle to see one of 30 shorts we did for the DIY crowd.


Cosmetic Dematologist and Celebrity Dr Graff

A Short B-roll production we flew to Long Island in order to capture Dr Graf in her natural environs. This clip is broadcast extensivley on the HSN Home Shopping Network

A Mellow introduction to Tampa's newest hospital, St Joseph's North

This project was brought in on time and under budget and was used extensively to raise money and awareness of the mew multi billion dollar facility.

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Why Progressive Media?

In a world where any Tampa Bay Area amateur wedding photographer can walk into Best Buy and purchase an off the shelf inexpensive Canon still camera that has the primitive ability to shoot poor quality video - It's buyer beware time for the discriminating corporate director or small business owner...

Tampa Bay's most experienced and trusted video production company - Progressive Media has made the over half million dollar investment in equipment alone. Not to mention years of training staying up to date on the latest software and equipment to make your Tampa Bay video production a world apart from the sea of semi pro wedding demographers and "my buddies son" who is trying his hand at an art that takes decades to perfect...

There is a reason that experienced producers and large corporations use the best production team available. The reality is that low budget outfits don't know how to get the look that only truly experienced professional get on a routine basis. A "Low Ball Louie" or an inexperienced crew will ultimately cost much much more in the end when you can't use the footage!

I can't tell you how many times some business owner or Ad agency has brought us footage they shot "on the cheap", begging us to fix it. Nine times out of ten nothing can be done to repair bad lighting, poorly framed shots and excessive noise on a take. Occasionally there are elements you can repair, but it ends up costing much more than if you had hired Tampa Bay's Progressive Media video production facility in the first place!

We also have a complete in house design and duplication sister company that will design, duplicate and package your dvd and cd from beginning to end. To date we have produced over 5000 different print jobs for cd's and dvd's. You can reach that department directly at progressivecds.com Other services include SEO (search engine optimization) & Web design. More often we will work with your designer and optimize in the background. Google has given sites the integrate video and edge over "dead" sites.

Check out the many extras we have available in the links on the left - don't make a chioce solely on price - (actually our rate for production is fairly low) - Call Tampa Bays best video production facility where Hi DEF DIGITAL CINEMA is the standard!

When the project really matters - don't cut corners that will ruin the project.
Go with a pro - Tampa Bay Area's Progessive Media!

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