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Why Dlsr Camera's suck

Or why this camera style is and always will be best suited for Grandmas vacation to the Grand Canyon

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If you see someone trying to shoot professional video with one
of these DSLR still cameras posing as a video camera -
throw them off the set! Cheap DSLR cameras were a 2 year old phenomenon that unfortunately flooded the industry with a sea of folks who did not know the first thing about capturing moving images - or how to use continuous lighting. Another huge draw back to these inexpensive wannabes is they have no ability to record professional audio though a real xlr (industry standard Mic cable), if they record audio at all. A big problem for long form documentary film makers is the arbitrary 15 minute cap on shooting. Some now coming with noisy fans to attempt to cool them off, but folks in the industry that have tried them, report the fan is so loud as to render them useless for close in head shots - and even the manual says to turn them off when you n ot actually shooting - unbelievable! These fluky little DSLR still cameras were never intended for legitimate film making. Their best use is Grandma's trip to the Grand Canyon or cute little shots of baby Huey. Thats why Hollywood and professional Tampa Bay Area production companies like Progressive Media, use real video cameras for real world broadcast quality projects. Unfortunately our cameras cost any where from $15k to $75K. Even our tripods cost more than the average dslr still camera masqurading as video cameras! So for goodness sake don't let some friend of a friend, starting out, who thinks he can do what the legitimate Tampa Bay film makers spend their entire life learning. Don't ruin your production and trash your product with a "learn while you earn" production with a "low budget wanna-be!" In addition to our personal favorite pro line Panasonic cameras, we have invested thousand and thousands in the best lens glass - all in multiple formats with killer depth of field - the only thing cheap dslrs can do. Except our cameras have true xlr audio inputs, are street fighting ready and can record for 3 hours at a time - try that with the most expensive dslr you can find - sorry Charlie no dice. In addition to our 5 camera package, we have 2 in house different dollies, a crane for exciting overhead shots, TelePrompTers, 5 sets of sennheiser lavaliere transmitters, tons of studio mics, booms, way too much grip equipment, remote reflectors and special scrims for knocking down excess out door light, 12 to 15 different lighting instruments , (90% are low heat and very expensive led's), our remote trucks, underwater cam rigs and the only sound-stage with green screen etc. in the South East built as a truly sound proof environment - no more street noise or ac units kicking on - all this is included for one low rate! (Nor are there any sleazy overtime charges!)



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